A wonderful day filled with …
Relaxing Yoga – no experience required
Fascinating Foraging – through parkland walks
Delicious Feast – and nature’s gourmet surprises
All set within Larchill’s Heritage Gardens

STRETCH FORAGE FEAST day events usually run from 10.30am – 5pm with morning yoga in the walled garden followed by an afternoon forage – all interspersed with delicious treats and a lunch feast sourced locally and from the wild!

Yoga with Grace, of 'Stretch with Grace'

Grace’s yoga sessions focus on making yoga accessible and enjoyable, no matter your ability. She teaches a slower style of Vinyasa yoga, based on conscious movement and connection to breath.
Grace likes to incorporate meditation and breathwork in every practice, and an all-round deeper sensory experience …
“I love the communal element of yoga – big deep breaths together and the occasional giggle. Yoga is not just movement, not just asana or poses. But if this is what draws you in, then it’s a good place to start. Then the meaning of a word like “stretch” can shift to something so much more than the physical action”
‘Stretch with Grace‘

Forage with Tanya, of 'Wild Food Events'

Tanya’s foraging knowledge started as a child collecting berries, rose hips and elder flowers with her Grandmother and the wonder of them being turned into delicious tarts, jams and cordials. She now specialises in her own wild food recipes from dandelion doughnuts to zingy botanical cocktails. Tanya believes in the strong link between natural food and health …
“It is a joy now to be able to introduce a wider audience to the thrills of gathering, healthy, wild and free edibles in a sustainable way – but be warned – you will never look at a berry, a hedge or a weed in the same way again!! You will see everything as a potential tasty meal, a flavoursome drink or a medicinal home remedy. See you in the wild!”
‘Wild Food Events’